EFFORT: An introvert’s paradise.

Blogging on WordPress is fun and rewarding. A voice through writing is thrilling and happily moves forward even when revealing the past, the present or dreams of futuristic mysteries.

In the past it might have been in a small little village where people gathered in the town hall, coffee shop or bakery…talking is taking place at these places all the time. This was a community to listen to. Not so much anymore.

Purple flowers by Hudley
Purple flowers by Hudley

Sitting around the electrical fireplace has created a community of new friends for me to enjoy. In the past a writer’s life could be lonely or even an introvert’s paradise sometimes. To write, maybe get published and then wait for publications and reviews…seems endless time dependent on others.

Blogging is quick and the effort of writing is consistent and honest. This is my voice and I’m telling you if you want to get to know me now…then read my voice.

This is the effort we all make as bloggers.

Here it is more about friendship than ego, more about equality than in having heroes. My friend Max Heindel says it is all about “attraction or repulsion.”


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