Bobbing at the top of the waters of the LETHE. Review of Push the Sky Away ~Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

“…And here I come to the hill

I’m pushing my own wheel of love

I got love in my tummy and a tiny little pain…”

I have not bought an album in some time. We used to have an iTunes account. I don’t know if anyone notices the music posts that I use quite a lot from Nick Cave and The Bad Seed’s new album Push the Sky Away? It is about time again when I reward my kids and myself with the instant gratification of music. I feel that I have been using so many YouTube songs for free that it is about time to pay the piper.

I don’t feel comfortable ripping others off or taking things for free if an artist worked hard to create something beautiful.

Push The Sky Away is beautiful to me. I am enchanted by this album: The lyrics, music and singing by Nick Cave are pulling at my belly; bringing forth feelings that I have lost in the real world. He has become my musical companion of the netherworld. He inspires my dry and jaded libido as the rain, wind and the sea do. He speaks from the deep unconscious of longing and love.

Nick Cave is an expert in archetypal resurrection.

Son hot-burned some CDs for our flying machine on the way to and from school. While driving home and listening to the full album, I felt as if I was hovering over the dark asphalt streets. As a jet takes-off; I felt that feeling as if riding on a swing where I almost took off to the rain clouds above.

Nick Cave is a man from my generation and from the same rebellion. As we engage in this collective aging, I hear his wisdom!

 I know where he is!

He is at the same magic place of life. Yes, it is really magic! Nick’s music makes us slow down to listen and wonder. I cry with a wonderful longing that I have not felt in a long time.

“It gets you right down to your soul!”

EFFORT: An introvert’s paradise.

Blogging on WordPress is fun and rewarding. A voice through writing is thrilling and happily moves forward even when revealing the past, the present or dreams of futuristic mysteries.

In the past it might have been in a small little village where people gathered in the town hall, coffee shop or bakery…talking is taking place at these places all the time. This was a community to listen to. Not so much anymore.

Purple flowers by Hudley
Purple flowers by Hudley

Sitting around the electrical fireplace has created a community of new friends for me to enjoy. In the past a writer’s life could be lonely or even an introvert’s paradise sometimes. To write, maybe get published and then wait for publications and reviews…seems endless time dependent on others.

Blogging is quick and the effort of writing is consistent and honest. This is my voice and I’m telling you if you want to get to know me now…then read my voice.

This is the effort we all make as bloggers.

Here it is more about friendship than ego, more about equality than in having heroes. My friend Max Heindel says it is all about “attraction or repulsion.”