EFFORT: An introvert’s paradise.

Blogging on WordPress is fun and rewarding. A voice through writing is thrilling and happily moves forward even when revealing the past, the present or dreams of futuristic mysteries.

In the past it might have been in a small little village where people gathered in the town hall, coffee shop or bakery…talking is taking place at these places all the time. This was a community to listen to. Not so much anymore.

Purple flowers by Hudley
Purple flowers by Hudley

Sitting around the electrical fireplace has created a community of new friends for me to enjoy. In the past a writer’s life could be lonely or even an introvert’s paradise sometimes. To write, maybe get published and then wait for publications and reviews…seems endless time dependent on others.

Blogging is quick and the effort of writing is consistent and honest. This is my voice and I’m telling you if you want to get to know me now…then read my voice.

This is the effort we all make as bloggers.

Here it is more about friendship than ego, more about equality than in having heroes. My friend Max Heindel says it is all about “attraction or repulsion.”


Daily Prompt: Goals: express myself as others do!!

An average person with average talents and ambition and

average education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society,

if that person has clear, focused goals. ~ Mary Kay Ash



I shall keep moving forward no matter what the gossip, criticism or silence…

The above image is of a written interview I did some years ago with Coagula Art Journal. I am a resurrected personality from days gone by. I felt the need to remember those days and share them. So, I went to places where I use to express myself, which are… fanzines. Mat Gleason, the creator of Coagula Art Journal, is an old-time buddy of mine. He promotes and educates his community about art, which is beyond my expertise.

Yet, Mat was willing to humor me by publishing this little introduction of my dream to awaken people to the long-lost days of late 70s and the 80s punk rock culture. Hark Hark… wait a minute. As the ghostly fog cleared over the next few years, I witnessed that the world remembers. Punk nostalgia has since overwhelmed me, as the old days used to. My goal was to remember, write and express myself. Yes, this is achieved!!!

In “Hudley Flipside’s Public Image,” located here on my WordPress site, I show the journey I have taken to get the word out. I have been interviewed by individuals that I respect, and to my amazement, respect me back: enough to interview me about my days as a co-editor and publisher of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine.

As an introverted Gemini I then made my connection with MySpace, Facebook and other online business and social networks. Anytime I feel myself ‘sinking in the quicksand’ of another person’s manipulation or control: working for them over working for myself. I pull myself away. I have painfully earned my individuation and need to vibrate this to the world on my own terms. I am gentle too!!

My goal is to create a place to publish what I wish to share.

I’m thrilled finding WordPress and to see the vast ocean of others who are doing the same thing as I which is writing and sharing their stories!!

“This is it” I thought.

It has been over a year now.

I am creating a wonderful promotional page on WordPress. I share my stories by writing about what interests me. Quality over quantity is my ambition. I still have many goals… but I am on the right independent path. I shall keep moving forward no matter what gossip, criticism, or silence…

The Seminary of Praying Mantis is my achieved goal. It is natural for a crone woman to sit back, reflect and remember and tell her tales and adventures… there are always a couple of people interested… or maybe just my cats, or the muses that echo back on this oracle called computer.



Collaborations are thrilling and I do a trilling dance!

Hudley and Detox !! Steve Human and Tony Malone...
Steve Pfauter (Human RIP), Hudley, and Tony Malone (Both guys from the punk band DETOX ) 2009

A brief history: I co- published a music fanzine. I collaborated with others via our post office box through a real Whittier California Post Office. We included a letter section in the magazine. It took a couple of months to receive letters, respond to them, and publish them in the fanzine. It was a time-consuming process. I loved it. As you know, it is radically different now.

I love this oracle computer, this place!

Trilling to resound vibrantly, or with a rapid succession of sounds, as the voice, song, or laughter.

Thrilling to cause or feel a sudden intense sensation; excite greatly.

I was once enrolled in an online course for a master’s program. I found it thrilling to express myself online. My classmates were not so thrilled. I was thrilling here and there, on campus and on the internet. They complained of it being too much extra work for them. The class met once a month, as well, to discuss and show materials as a kind of personal touch base.

I enjoy online engagement and find it more interesting than meeting in a classroom. I realized at this point that I found a place that I love.

Online communications are it for me; MySpace and then Facebook after my experience with online courses. The world opened up to me. I met up with old friends and made new ones. I was reaching out to people from all around the world.

I am thrilled about having access to others via the internet.

During the 1980s I was one of those geeks who corresponded on Quantum Link via the 64/ 128 Commodore computer. At the time bulletin boards were popular but very underground via the computer scene. No one really understood what I found through my Commodore computer. Most of my friends did not have a clue and thought I was weird.

I joined an online group called Midnight Mystics as a host. We went on-line at the witching hour of 12 midnight. It was a place where I found myself inside a mysterious world where I communicated with others from across the country. It was thrilling to me.





In my backyard

It is a year for me on WordPress. I have tried posting every day. I love how this site has developed over the year. My pages and categories are improving. It is a focused and informative site. I want to say thanks to all of the individuals who added me to their follow list.

Cheers, thank you and a happy Imbolc ,

Hudley Flipside

A message for only my eyes to see


I looked up and saw gray and white clouds. I looked down and saw large symbols, circles and angles, as if I was kneeling on a ritualistic spot. A thought came to my mind, while sitting on folded knees, about this mysterious surface. “This is upon the place that was once a lawn near my parents’ home. I played football and baseball here. I saddled my horse and played kick-the-can on this spot.” Then I realized I was dreaming. I looked up and saw a large flangiprop object coming forth from the soft clouds towards me. It was a mighty object and was suspended in the air above me. Compared to the clouds this structure seemed firm like concert. It was in the shape of a triangle and it had three large rims that resounded strength. This prop was held in the clouds on a magical stage in a paradoxical place that supported and sustained a message for my eyes only.

I got it.

Blogging is fun. It is a place to express thoughts and feelings by writing. It is a place to learn and make friends. Today It clicked. First, second and third person perspective. It came and now it clicked.  It is clear. Learning and growing is what blogging is all about.

thank you!!!