A message for only my eyes to see


I looked up and saw gray and white clouds. I looked down and saw large symbols, circles and angles, as if I was kneeling on a ritualistic spot. A thought came to my mind, while sitting on folded knees, about this mysterious surface. “This is upon the place that was once a lawn near my parents’ home. I played football and baseball here. I saddled my horse and played kick-the-can on this spot.” Then I realized I was dreaming. I looked up and saw a large flangiprop object coming forth from the soft clouds towards me. It was a mighty object and was suspended in the air above me. Compared to the clouds this structure seemed firm like concert. It was in the shape of a triangle and it had three large rims that resounded strength. This prop was held in the clouds on a magical stage in a paradoxical place that supported and sustained a message for my eyes only.

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