Collaborations are thrilling and I do a trilling dance!

Hudley and Detox !! Steve Human and Tony Malone...
Steve Pfauter (Human), Hudley, and Tony Malone (Both guys from the punk band DETOX ) 2009

A play with words today:

Trilling to resound vibrantly, or with a rapid succession of sounds, as the voice, song, or laughter.

Thrilling to cause or feel a sudden intense sensation; excite greatly.

I was once enrolled in an online course for a master’s program. I found it thrilling to express myself online. My classmates were not so thrilled. I was trilling here and there; on campus and on the internet. They complained of it being too much extra work for them. The class met once a mouth, as well, to discuss and show materials as a kind of personal touch base. I enjoy the online engagement and found it more interesting than meeting in a classroom.  I realized at this point that I found a place that I love.  Online communications is it for me; MySpace and then Facebook after my experience with online courses. The world opened up to me. I met up with old friends and made new ones. I was reaching out to people from all around the world. I am thrilled about having access to others via the internet. During the 1980s I was was one one of the those geeks who stated to correspond on  Quantum Link via the 64/ 128 Commodore computer.  At the time bulletin boards were popular but very underground via the computer scene. No one really understood what I found through my Commodore commuter. Most of my friends did not have a clue and thought I was weird. I joined an online group called Midnight Mystics as a host. We went on-line at the witching hour of 12 midnight. It was a place where I found myself inside a mysterious world where I communicated with others from across the country. It was thrilling to me.

A little brief history: I co- published a music fanzine. I collaborated with others via our pox office box through a real Whittier California Post Office. We included a letter section in the magazine.. It took a couple of months to receive letters, respond to them, and publish them in the fanzine. It was a time-consuming process. I loved it. As you know, it is radically different now.

 I love this oracle computer, this place!