Day 6 of the Holy of Holies…

The Hierarchy of Virgo is the focus for today. The world mother is the symbol for meditation.  All those qualities of motherhood that we often take for granted come to mind. The little things of quality that often seem boring that we have to do for others.

The Phrygians that are the oldest humans stock call me Pessinuntia, Mother of the Gods, The aboriginal races of Attica call me Cecropian Minerva. The Cyprians in their island-home call me Paphian Venus. The archer Cretans call me Diana Dictynna. The three-tongued Sicilina’s call me Stygian Proserpine. The Eleusinians call me the ancient goddess Ceres. Some call me Juno. Some call me Bellona. Some call me Hecate. Some call me Rhamnusia. But thoes who are enlightened by the earliest rays of that divinity the sun, the Ethiopians, the Arii, and the Egyptians who excel in antique lore, all worship me with their ancestral ceremonies and call me by my true name Queen Isis. ” Pg. 237-8 ~ Apuleius The Golden Ass



“The greatest among you shall be the servant to all” Gospel of Matthew 23 :11.

To the new year Cheers!!!

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“To the Peeping Ass, and his shadow!” Pg. 211 Apuleius The Golden Ass

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