We all have our own personal style

Somewhere in Simi-Valley CA by Hudley

Evil and the Devil are two different things. The Devil is how humans like to imagine evil, with horns and a tail. Evil is part of our personality. I’ve never believed in occultism or the Devil, and I’m not at all religious. I’d rather read science books than something about occultism. When it comes to cinema, evil is simply a form of entertainment to me. ~ Roman Polanski

We all have our personal style that we project to the world around us, which, as in my case is often counter-productive to the general and personal world around me: Being loud when others are quiet or being quiet when other are loud. I think William Blake and Samuel Clemens write about the concept of being contradictory.

Do what you will, this world’s a fiction and is made up of contradiction. ~William Blake

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.~ Mark Twain

I let my personal style out like colorful balloons filled with colorful paint which are projected and exploited on a four-dimensional wall. Only a few at a time: then back into my cave of safety. That is my contradictory self and my personal style.

It is  passionately manifested and a bit too fiery at times… but with age I can redirect it but will never control it.  I embrace it as my own unique personal style.




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