I wonder with passion !!


“A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them. They then dwell in the house next door, and at any moment a flame may dart out and set fire to his own house. Whenever we give up, leave behind, and forget too much, there is always the danger that the things we have neglected will return with added force.”

g. 277 Memories, Dream, Reflections ~ C.G. Jung.

Passions are a gift of fire. It is sometimes a very uncomfortable thing to address issues at hand with the passion for one’s truths. Intuition will not be ignored and sometimes just by this a different truth is found out. Once this happens the accuracy of our passion becomes more provocative.

I do not apologize for my passion. Whether they be expressed as anger, fear, or the creative spark of questioning uncertainties. I have no apologies for questioning those who say they care; those who say they are right.

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