snake man

A winning streak is not always based on if I post every day on WordPress. Some of the most thrilling and in depth oriented posts of mine are overlooked for the quick pro quo posts. To me it is a tilling and planting the soul. The bell curve response to my posts are strange and bewildering and sometimes very rewarding. I have come to the conclusion that it is the quality of the post that is more important to me. Not so with my readers. So I can post once or twice a day and get a few to no resonances. It  is a winning streak when readers go looking for posts I’ve written months or years ago. This tells me someone is interested. I am not just screaming in the darkness. Yet over all it is about how my writing collectively touches in on the intuitive soul of others… that all this writing somehow matters and that like a good rain something interesting is growing in the process. Writing, setting goals and taking an impersonal stance! These are the qualities of what I am learning here!

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