Music and Linear Algebra


Calvary Church in Santa Cruz

Today oldest son is going to take a class at my Alma-mater, CSUN. 14 years ago is when I graduated. Seven years earlier than that we lived in Van Nuys. We lived in our little apartment tree-fort. I walked son to elementary school every day on Erwin Street. Sometimes he would ride with me on the bus to CSUN. The addictive movement of the bus, and his bright face, as we rode in the front, kindled me with warm pride. Professors seemed to enjoy his angel like 7-year-old round face; surrounded by golden hair and lovely green eyes, he sat quietly drawing during the lectures.

In 1992 I was waiting to see a performance of Hildegard of Bingen’s music. It was at the Calvary Church in Santa Cruz. May 30 1992 at 8 PM was the date of the performance. My water broke the night before. In my mind the music was alive in my heart… as all mothers’ hearts when their child is born to them.

And though our majors are vastly different;  He a math/science major and I a religious studies major; being both Gemini, I think we complement each other.

Bravo Son, Bravo !! He got a B !!

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