The Chapel of the Oaks

“a manifestation of a divine or supernatural being.

“many believe this scene to represent an epiphany of the goddess”

“an intuitive grasp of reality through something (such as an event) usually simple and striking : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure.”

I thought I might get past this day. The putting away the holiday decorations or watching the 13th speaker vote, or doing the laundry or cleaning the kitty cat litter boxes.

Yet the word addressed me again …Epiphany. And while my ears are ringing and my old body wanes with the full moon of cancer … deep.

I will continue to wallow in my wisdom as Buffalo told me. My mom is here today illuminating my life. Even though she died on this day some 15 years ago .

Youngest son wanted to take a summer drive. We stopped by the local fast food for a ‘buck iced tea’ and away we flew. Driving up hills that ascended into our imagination as the trail turned our minds.  

The Yucca plants were standing tall, hidden within the snake turns of the mountains. Familiar objects of man and earth passed us by.

The road driven as a waterfall that flowed onto Topanga Canyon Boulevard. Then something winked in my heart to the right of the canyon at Lassen and Valley Circle. The Chapel of the Oaks.



We talked a bit. The man had just come from Portland Oregon to attend a service for his late Uncle. Son’s eyes lit up.

He wants to go to Portland to view some steam engine trains this summer there. I listened as I reflected on the light while bathing in the ambiance of the beautiful small chapel.


Was it five years ago when mother was positioned in a pine coffin before me? Then my experience of this place was a dark, cold coffin where my focus was drawn to her, only her. Mother was a very independent lady.

She was stubborn and self-sufficient and kept to herself. She was dedicated to her children and codependent to her husband.

Today the gloom and grief lifted. I did not notice anything in the chapel before at mother’s funeral. Today, the Oaks Chapel transformed into a wonderful archetype of death, transformation and rebirth.

Son was so sweet and kind to me today. Very wise in his ways. My mother’s image, held in my mind and heart now, are happy, bright and brilliantly free. With closure new doors open.

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