The Decisive Moment


“I am all that was, that is, and that is yet to come” Isis-Neith

I will define crisis as the decisive moment. The moment when action has to be made. If action is not taken … the rogue wave will crash, then chaos potentially with time, will go back to some sort of normal consistency. After an earthquake or right after a fight, crisis moves through us like a tornado. Stress and hate sometimes can also create a funnel-shaped whip of black magic. Yet, in all of this I behave I am OK in most situations.

I don’t like being in crisis with the Justice System because it works so darn slow. The Justice System is a slow-moving cow. A cow regurgitates everything very slowly. If you got big bucks it works better and faster but it is still crisis and is a frozen pain!!

I find humor helps to calm those terrible times of decisive moments. Also I have learned that making a decision at the peak of a crisis movement is the wrong time to do it. It is a paradoxical reality!!

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