Elderberry wine

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Once while working as a Home Health Aide on the East coast, I did a nice thing for a wise old lady. She had grace, experience, and savvy. Her home was a grand home that had been in her family for generations.

In my mind she seemed like Scarlett O’Hara. Now in a wheelchair most of the time she told me stores that I will not share here.

She survived her family and had none to tend to her needs. Her memories were as clear and vivid as her mind, well her past memories not her present ones as much. One story I will highlight is how her father made Elderberry wine. They kept the home-made wine in their basement.

Her home had a spiral staircase, beautiful chandeliers, and ghosts. I focused on the living room and kitchen because this was all the house that was in-use. We were both alone in Rochester New York.

I decided to visit her on Christmas Eve… yes, I visited the wise old lady. I loved her story so much that I gave her a small gift of Elderberry wine. We shared a shot of the wine and that was all!

I hope I never forget her smile. I put the wine up in a closet far from her knowing reach.

The Visiting Nurses Association told me another aide found the wine and accused me of being an alcoholic. In my defense they did not appreciate the truth I told them. I guess I stepped over my bounds, yet I know this wise old lady and her ghostly dad… had a good ole’ family time that Christmas Eve. I sure did.


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