Minus one on the Richter magnitude scale


Today while performing my shopping chores as part of my multitasking profession as a big mama mantis. I came to the checkout lane. There I was beholding to all the magazines before me. Cakes, ladies in low-cut dresses and The Pope. Oh boy was I delighted.
“Hey Miss if you haven’t started to load your groceries come on over here.”
I let the tan man holding a bag of ice go ahead and we followed. Oldest son was helping me today. He had a smirk on his face over what I just did previously. I try not to embarrass my children… yet as a repulsive creative anarchist my libido is now set on little humorous self-indulges.
My confession here is funny to me and eldest son did seem to make a little smirk like I wrote before.

Two magazines assaulted my beholding them. One was Mr. Pope on a magazine cover, and close by was a Miss. Revulsion model on a magazine cover. The image of Mr. Pope and what he represents as that Holy man of this earth; penetrated my consciousness with my resounding “N0”! Thousands of years scanned by my brain of all that patriarchy goo.

Then that lady with the purple dress posing with her trained model stance, a photo shopping glowing smile made me itch with revulsion. Two smiles from Mr. Pope and Miss. Revulsion model needed to share an X-rated embrace.
“Hey son look at this!!”
I took the magazine of Mr. Pope cover turned it over and with a slap placed him on top of Miss. Revulsion model magazine cover. Then we were interrupted by a check-out guy and so the story goes.
The blending of paradox is a great feeling. I accomplished my silly little anarchist humorous self-indulge. Minus one on the Richter magnitude scale … so oldest son and I went on our way. He likes Southpark…

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