Generation songs…

“Without the awareness of the archetypal in the behavior which gives meaning to the madness, there is nothing left but the secular nomina of psychiatry and comparative sociology”

~James Hillman

Flower a
Watercolor by Hudley

If one is caught in the ‘worlds woe’ and madness remember the above quote. And try to find out what it means. For me Stella by Starlight is a wonderful representation of something beholding to my soul. An awareness of the numinous of the archetypal. It brings down my blood pressure and turns up the mystery of creative juices. Lifting me to a safe place of love, romance, and goodness.

My parents’ generation was so romantic. I learned to dance while watching my parents dance to this type of music. My dad told me when he first felt something special for my mom at a college dance. She put her face close to his. He felt the warmth of her face upon his.

Stella by Starlight  is one of those songs that soothes one with the romance for life and its mystery, by Jackie Gleason & His Orchestra !

“Stella by Starlight” is a jazz standard written by Victor Young and featured in The Uninvited, a 1944 film released by Paramount Pictures.

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