BBQ of beans

Man Flower stencil
Man Flower Stencil By Holly

Family mornings move. Cook up the range free chicken. Eat the leftover from My Brothers BBQ of beans and coleslaw. Watching a science program on TV.  Oldest son changed it from the Jazz I was listening to. Arguments over “soul and mathematics” leaves me steaming.

Facebook is my get away. Music, friends and “Happy New Year.” Happiness, sadness, and achievements; or shows to go to. Pictures reflecting always make me smile. I can see what friends are doing, have done, or their goals and resolutions.

"Overcome by stupor, I turned back to my guide
 The way a little child will always run
 To the place where he is most trusting;...
 I stood like one who stifles in himself
 The sharp trust of desire and does not dare
 To ask, for fear he might be asking too much.
 And the largest and most luminous
 Of those pearls came forward to satisfy
 My curiosity concerning it."

Paradise 22 PG. 86 The Divine Comedy, DANTE

Here on the threshold of a new year I read from a book that satisfies my soul even if my oldest son does not believe in his…yet.

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