Terrorist Pie

I was watching cupcake wars on the food network channel. I don’t usually do this. It was lunch time and we were just sitting back and having some fun time. OH my them cupcakes looked mighty yummy. I have been so good and have been watching my diet. “Cookie, cakes and pies” are not allowed in this house very often.

Except for today. We even went to a different “good bakery” at Pavilions. Found a custard blueberry pie. About an hour ago I sat down with some dandelion tea with honey and a piece of pie. I took two bites. How delicate it was. Mostly custard and whip cream with blueberries on top. I was thinking,

“The blueberries are so perfectly sweet and ripe.”

Then something tears at my tongue. I thought maybe it was a little piece of the blueberry stem that sometimes is hard to clean from the berry. I tangled my tongue around it and pulled it out. I almost swallowed a piece of very sharp plastic. The piece of hard plastic was about 2 by 4 inches with a jagged edge formed as a zig-zag. It was in extreme contrast to the delicious soft creamy pie.

I was shocked and so glad that one of my kids didn’t have a piece before I did. If they or I had swallowed this, it would have done some real damage. Very scary thought.

I went back to Pavilions and filled out a “customer report of incident.” I got a refund and now have lost my desire for “cookie, cakes and pies!”

All I can taste is the sharp plastic and my sore tongue… yuck. Glad my tongue works so well. I am so glad that I am here instead of in the hospital. Shit that was a terrorist pie attack…be careful beware…!!

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