New Wave Chicken ‘Zine

I learned the advantage of being a four-legged chicken and I also learned to appreciate the New Wave phenomenon for what it achieved.  Also I was enlightened over the meaning and sound of “New Wave’s Secret Percussive Weapon.”

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New Wave Chicken is an interesting Fanzine about chickens, music, and memories. It also contains current events such as the Skate-Til-U-Die event from Richmond, Ca to San José~ 2016 May 14th, 15th, and 16th.

In this ‘Zine several writers share their memories of precise moments in their lives when music changed everything. New Wave music in particular.

I read New Wave Chicken fast.  It went down greedily and passionately. I wanted to spend my time with this new fanzine friend. It pushes you to an Altered state of consciousness which fanzines should do.

Steve Hart is the publicist of New Wave Chicken and he is coming out with another soon.  He asked me to write a story in his ‘zine and of course I did. We go way back as friends from the 1980’s punk scene when fanzines linked a music scene and friends together.

New Wave Chicken

P.O.Box 880081

Pukalani, HI 96788

Only 5 Buck!!!

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