essence of our limitations

William Blake Image form The William Blake Tarot Cards. ~ Ed Buryn

I captured this very small image on a William Blake Tarot Card. I enlarged the image on my iPhone camera.  I have a magnifying glass to look over all of his images. There is always something on the cards hiding. This is on the card entitled “EXPERIENCE.”

It is inevitable that I will accumulate experience in living my life. Moving forward even if only sitting in a chair. I value experience over anything. I have learned that part of growing as a human being is living with paradox, polarity and something more. That is why I love Blake, he gives me something more. A vast view of life where opposites blend. I then understand my own limitations. There is an inevitable message Blake puts into his work. If I look close enough I joyfully grasp his messages.

The urge to cure the incurable keeps us from recognizing the essence of our limitations, and the limits that come with the psychopathic essence of personality. Praxis Pg. 167, The Dream and the Underworld – James Hillman


An inevitable experience was hearing this song played on the Drive In Speaker between movies in the 1970’s. Glad I found it.

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