mama supervisor


Got the house all ready for a house full of boys. Seems I have spent most of my years in a house full of boys. Mostly, boys like my three brothers and their friends. Later, a house full of crazy young wild men, and now my own kids. It seems I am like that; I function well in an environment of guys. I do my thing and they can do theirs. Now, I am the mama supervisor if they need some advice on how hot the oil should be when they deep fry their bacon wrapped hot dogs with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey BBQ sauce. I am laid back like the autonomy of a cat; observant and not interested, but alert if need be… always friendly… sometimes.

Some of my best memories on 4th of July is the watermelon filled with liquor, lamb on the BBQ, and dad dancing to Gary Glitter – Rock and Roll. We would put dad’s German Radio outside and turn it up loud. (I’ve written about this before)  Fun times. Oh yes, the miniature cannon that shot gum powder, damn loud and nasty fun.

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