A memory play list for Veterans day

You’re only as good as the best thing you’ve ever done.

~ Billy Wilder

Dad a WWII Veteran (RIP) and his Grandson JF. Santa Cruz CA 1992

I was always listening to music while working on Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine: Social Distortion to Jefferson Airplane, J.F.A. to Mott the Hoople , The Ramones to C.C.R., The Clash to David Bowie, The Crass to The Who! I was always linking the past to the present and those punk records keep coming !

I know  you can hear little glitches throughout  these videos. Some sort of subliminal mind-control media profit annoyance. Well, they have not got me yet…. it just sounds like scratches on my vinyl records. Nothing new.

4 thoughts on “A memory play list for Veterans day

  1. You sound like my former radio station boss, Jonathan L. We were doing punk, Diamanda Galas, Soul Coughing, The Ramones Hour every weekday at lunch time, tons of new music and a special place in our hearts for Joan Jett. My career as an alt disc jockey and music director at ‘The Edge’ ‘The X’ (inland empire CA), ‘The Peak’ (Spokane), KUKQ AM (totally experimental, even had a live call-in music meeting with Record Company Weasels)….keep it up man. MY issue is ITunes has ‘lost’ 2000 of my songs and says the prob is on my end. Lots of forums on this issue. Have you heard about it? “REBEL WITH A CAUSE” bipolarbrainiac.wordpress.com

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