A Woman’s Day 2019

A Matter of Choice.

Maggie Paul

(Update I now run a publishing business and working with upgrading my ideology on profit and sharing while creating a professional and friendship-based community.)

I am not a feminist or a professional businesswoman. I took the more traditional path as a wife and mother. I am also an entrepreneur. I find I can balance the male and female within myself. Jungian Psychology calls this balancing the Anima and Animus. I am creatively involved in projects that have meaning to me and beyond myself or the extramundane. I am naturally a supportive person that likes home, intimate relationships, and small pubs. My goals are based on love, not profit. Yet, I am learning to be very happy to cross the bridge of financial stability and independence. (If I ever reach that place?)

I dedicate this day to the character Maggie Paul played by Marsha Mason from the film Cinderella Liberty (1973). I like her feel that trapped feeling of being between worlds. A strange but appropriate place to be for many women.

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RIP James Caan

Maggie Paul curtains for rainy days in our bathroom.

Papa gave mama a crystal in computer room for inspiration…

The outdoor crystal that merges with nature and the Sun.

Doing the laundry is never dull work in my home.