Death “Leave Your Body and Soul at the Door”

“It’s funny how pride and ego are the very last human vanities to go.”

~ D. Brinkley

Death is heavy on my mind these days. So many have died due to this virus all over the world. Putting politics aside I want to look at the fear we hold in us about death.

I have many books on my bookshelves that speak of life, death and rebirth. One does not have to have a religiosity to participate in this rite of passage. It is pretty much out of our control. I do not have the direct quote here, but I remember reading about how William Blake felt about death in one of his many quotes. That he would rather see the afterlife as filled with lovely angels. His heaven was a blissful imagined place.

“The sensations verged on orgasmic, yet my thoughts were spinning a mile a minute.” ~ D. Brinkley

I took two books to look at today. To read and reflect upon once again. One is Dannion Brinkley’s book Secrets of the Light and the other is The Tibetan Book of The Dead.

Both books complement each other in that they talk about death. Dannion was struck by lightning, died and was brought back to life. He has written three books about his near-death experiences. The Tibetan Book of The Dead is a creative and ritualistic book about death in a helpful way. It speaks of the Bardo.

“Bardo means gap; it is not only the interval of suspension after we die but also suspension in the living situation; death happens in the living situation as well. The bardo experience is part of our psychological make-up.” ~ Commentary

I think this is where the world finds itself right now. A gap between the dead and the living, between the staying home and going out and between the past and future. Each moment is the place of bardo, and we are, in a profound sense, all being struck by lightning. We are responsible for this, what is happening in our world. How can we make it better? Well, that is up to you.

So, I took it upon myself to get ready to have my mind and heart prepared. I also think on all those who have died and are dying. A prayer is in order.

Even Albert Einstein as a master mind scientist had a way to see this psychological make-up of humanity,

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I live my life upon a miracle. I want to be ready when death finds me.

tease and tarry


The true feeling of real beauty within must always be focused upon !

Logan’s Run had a profound influence on me at 17. Imagining a place where people were killed off at the age of 30 frightened me. Also having all the plastic surgery you needed to be as beautiful as possible was weird. At 17 becoming 30 seemed like the end of time itself. I also remember thinking about turning 18  seemed beyond belief. My friends and I sat in a circle,while smoking, and looked up at the stars. The night was a time to talk about these things. Later as a young punk I really did not think I would live past 21.

Mojave Desert spring equinox wild flower March 20 2016

Now in May  I will be turning 58. I am projecting celebration turning 60 in two years as a happy accomplishment. Life is very precious. So many of my close friends are gone as well as my parents. I have learned that letting go of life is a natural process as we get older.  I hold onto my experiences, friendships and books a little less each year. Nature is my special key of hopeful continuity of life. The dependability of the sun and stars is great comfort to me. Yes music, poems and art embellish a long life too.For me, as a crone, letting go is the key of life as I get older. It has become easier to let go.

Besides sooner or later we all will be ash in the wind. It is only a matter of time.