This one isn’t a lie !!

scristo00Madonna con il Bambino della Cappella maggiore dell’Almo Collegio Capranica (la rappresentazione della Madonna col Bambino tra Sant’Agnese e un santo vescovo che presentano i cardinali Domenico e Angelo Capranica è attribuibile alla bottega di Antoniazzo Romano, XVI secolo)


Professor Happ was a gay Episcopal priest that taught religious study courses at a local university.  He talked about Roman history with a vigor that was scary at times, especially when he described certain films, such as Satyricon directed by Federico Fellini, in detail. It was a lower division course and the youngsters were not paying much attention anyway. A little freaky but it sure was amusing. He also told a story once that helped me realize that when it came to music we understood the power with a depth that comes with an understanding of synchronicity via cause and effect.

Mr. Happ went to some big wig white-collar university on the east coast as a youngster. He told the class that he had a certain song that came into his life at strategic times. The first time he drove up to his dorm the song played on hs car radio. This continued throughout his life. He told us that this song was comforting to him, and made him feel that he would be ok. He then asked the class what this type of experience was,

 “Now tell me what type of event is this? What type of experience would we call this?

 The silence and murmur of students was deafening and then I raised my hand up…

 “Yes Holly?”


Mr. Happ wrote the word on the board. The class looked at me and I looked down to the ground. The professor and I understood the significance of this and hopefully we were not the only ones.

Songs are very significant and each generation speaks and blends their magical music into a type of communication. In films, by bands or music in the supermarket; at certain times songs inspire or amplify the moment.  I know this may sound crazy, but even Mr. Happ a Princeton, an Ivy League, boy experienced this phenomenon and he was one smart cookie.


In a PowerPoint presentation entitled Ostentatio Genitalium for a Master’s course on Human Sexuality and Marriage; I included a song by the Foo Fighters called Learn to Fly. The song, images and text all came together nicely in my presentation, even Sister Darlene, who never saw the presentation mocked me in a nasty sexy voice and said,

 “I hear the lights were set for action in your presentation Holly!?”

For a Catholic Nun, that was considered a professor; she is about as vindictive and stupid as they come; which is one major reason I left the program!!

Anyway this song has a special significant in my life that now spans some twenty-years. Whenever I hear Learn To Fly the song seems to be placed at a time and place when the meaning of the song has a profound effect on me.

thWilliam Blake. Satán en su gloria

The history, continuity and meaning of music even one song is significant!