With wild cat designs comes love, passion and jealousy !!

bob 1
My grandmother M. Louise Hudson.

With love and passion comes jealousy. It bugs the hell out of me that my husband does not get jealous. Not that I am the hot tamale I use to be, I do have lots of male friends. Husband is a Pisces and they are more secretive while I am a Gemini and we are more revealing. I am suspicious or jealous almost all the time. I think the green-eyed monster is trapped in my true green eyes. My French passions are genetic and come from a firecracker and entrepreneurial grandmother, M. Louise Hudson. I use to fight my feelings of jealousy! I don’t anymore. Jealously is complimentary to passionHand in hand they walk. I will blame it on my green eyes and the French in me!!
Thank you Grandma!!

Picture by Gus Hudson
Picture by Gus Hudson