Tomorow is the last day of Ophiuchus

Nov./29 to December/17

Public domain image..

Also known as Asclepias raised by Chiron. He is known as the Serpent Bearer, and the 13th constellation of the zodiac. Beliefs aside, astrologer, astronomer, mystic or atheist; he is a profound healer. Just to look at this symbol is powerful enough. I have the image above on my bedroom wall. I often forget that it is even there. 

I pass by this time-frame of the year without a thought of him. Today I did and so he deserves this recognition. A whisper from the world of symbols and possibilities…

He takes the venom of the snake to heal the evil darkness of the world. I known we need him around!!

Man Flower stencil
Stencil By Hudley

With wild cat designs comes love, passion and jealousy !!

bob 1
My grandmother M. Louise Hudson.

With love and passion comes jealousy. It bugs the hell out of me that my husband does not get jealous. Not that I am the hot tamale I use to be, I do have lots of male friends. Husband is a Pisces and they are more secretive while I am a Gemini and we are more revealing. I am suspicious or jealous almost all the time. I think the green-eyed monster is trapped in my true green eyes. My French passions are genetic and come from a firecracker and entrepreneurial grandmother, M. Louise Hudson. I use to fight my feelings of jealousy! I don’t anymore. Jealously is complimentary to passionHand in hand they walk. I will blame it on my green eyes and the French in me!!
Thank you Grandma!!

Picture by Gus Hudson
Picture by Gus Hudson

Pluto and Moon

Pluto's roses to his moon
Pluto’s roses to his moon

From the dark unknown comes a smile from Persephone.

Shadow romancing the wisdom of beauty within.

The Coming of Wisdom with Time:

Though leaves are many, the root is one;

Through all the lying days of my youth

I swayed my leaves and flowers in the sun;

Now I may wither into the truth.

~ William Butler Yeasts

The last times of Elton John in my life..1970s and the best of him Bernie Taupin XX