Pluto Love

“To improve the external situation in the world, we must begin by accepting that world as a mother accepts her child; to improve our intimacies, we much extend the same benevolence to ourselves. The acceptance we must cultivate is the same: the emphasis remains on the inner world.

As Carl Jung pointed out,

“The upheaval in our world and the upheaval in consciousness is one and the same.”

We must come home to ourselves with a mothering acceptance, and so give birth to ourselves with a mothering acceptance, and so give birth to true emotion, the basis of all true intimacy.”

Pg. 129 Astrology Beyond Ego – Tim Lyons

The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies was made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff.”

– Carl Sagan

I am often confronted by Astrologers and critiqued. As I am not one, I am an esoteric student that has built a relationship with our planets in an extramundane way. As with Venus and Pluto, that pulls at us aware or at us very unaware.

Through logarithms, math, and aspects or otherwise.

For me it is my creative imagination, dreams, and myths. This is my formula or elixir.

I am forewarned by a dream that helped me understand this dynamic relationship. It is ancient, old as the light and the darkness, the male and the feminine or Gods and Goddesses.

Life and death, peace and war, power and truth all play in this drama in our souls, in the world and out in the cosmos.

It is a mystery that we all face… and we all must pass through this initiation of our evolution.

th (22) while back I had a scary dream. I was with a group of people. We were all running from evil monster zombies. The feeling was dread. We found a train and traveled to the country. It was horrid. The thought of death approaching was a sickness in us all. We found a cabin in the countryside. I had my white cat Mr. Po Po with me.

He ran from the cabin out into the darkness of the night. The zombies were there. The monsters were close. I had to run after my cat. Terrified I ran out into these monsters of chaos and fear beyond enduring. As I found my cat. I hugged him. I was confronted by the evil that pursued us. Everything stopped. I looked into death and he said this to me,

“I cannot hurt you with that cat.

You all run in fear and hate

Yet there in your hands is your love

I cannot touch you or harm you with love.”

th (23) was overwhelmed with dread, then fear, and then I felt only my cat’s love. I walked slowly back into the cabin and told the others what happened to Mr. Po Po and me.  We all sat in a circle and held hands. We now knew what to do.

w e sang a new song.

Pluto and the underworld.
Pluto and death.
Pluto and nuclear weapons.
Pluto and power of the underground.
Pluto and transmutation.

Pluto loves Persephone!


Orfeo ed Euridice, Wq. 30: Act II, Scene 2: “Torna, o bella” (Chorus)

Translated… I hope this is correct!

“Come to the realms of bliss,

great hero, tender husband,

rare example in any age!

Amor returns Eurydice to you;

already she revives and recovers

all the flower of her beauty.”

RIP Mr. Po Po and thank you!

“unreal reality”

Astrological Reading for October…via a Few quotes of “Abraxas”

Pluto is beyond any ego and does remarkable things and ‘not so good’ things…

Pluto  is beyond any ego that does reamrkable things and not so good things...

“This is a god whom ye knew not, for mankind forgot it. We name it by its name Abraxas. It is more indefinite still than god and devil.”

“…we name god Helios or Sun…”

A cosmology of within and the cosmology without move contradictory to each other and to you. Slowly move with the first full moon of October and then skip happily along with the new moon. The focus is to remember to breathe as the underworld and the heavens meet.

Betrayal from family may not go away, but you can push it away with the stretch of Lilith as she moves with you as pounding waves on the shore of life. Hit the ball into the court. It is up to them to hit it back. They may not.  

“…Abraxas standeth above the sun and above the devil. It is improbable probability, unreal reality. Has the Pleroma a being, Abraxas would be its manifestation…”  

All the planets focus on change while staying the same. Eros and Psyche are swimming around the earth ascending and descending the whispers of love and creativity this month.

  “… it is the brightest light of day and the darkest night of madness…”  

The dead whisper secrets and wisdom from the past. Culture, history, and music define who you are. Listen and reflect on this month deeply. As well …go out and have a pint or two only. Transforming the grip of heaviness to joyousness. Don’t forget to spill some of the beer on the earth as homage for the sexuality of Phallus and the spirituality of Her who fertilizes our souls. All which is beyond us all!!  

“…Spirituality and sexuality are not your qualities, not things which ye possess and contain. But they possess and contain you…”    

All quotes taken from The Seven Sermons to the Dead by Carl Gustav Jung

Pluto and Moon

Pluto's roses to his moon Pluto’s roses to his moon
DSC01991 From the dark unknown comes a smile from Persephone.
DSC01992 Shadow romancing the wisdom of beauty within.

The Coming of Wisdom with Time:

Though leaves are many, the root is one;

Through all the lying days of my youth

I swayed my leaves and flowers in the sun;

Now I may wither into the truth.

~ William Butler Yeasts

The last times of Elton John in my life..1970s and the best of him Bernie Taupin XX