O Grande Amor

“The plane of the solar system is tilted at an almost exactly 60 degrees to the plane of the galaxy so the planets slowly corkscrew their way around the arm of the milky way.” Pg. 4 ~ A Little Book Of Coincidence In The Solar System by John Martineau

The veil before us sometimes hides the truth within us...
The veil before us sometimes hides the truth within us…

We are the fireworks of our solar system. We break-forth as the lights in the sky with big bangs. Then we die to come-forth again.

Do the patterns in the sky reluctantly move with integrity, if down right constant boredom, in comparison to life on earth?

A cold feeling, deep and enduring

this “corkscrew” we move with…or on….


English Lyrics to song.

Come what may, my friends, there’s always a man for every woman. There will always be a false love you must forget, because it makes you feel like dying. Be that as it may love’s greatness will surely prevail, and when it wins over the heart the one who cried will then forgive.

Lost Star By Walter Cruttenden

Lost Star Of Myth and Time

Folklore, science, mythology, art, religion, archaeology, mathematics…it goes on and on in a our cyclical history. Starting with a Golden Age to the Dark Ages and to the present ascending age.

This book holds a powerhouse of information and research with a holding theory that we live in a binary solar system. Yes incredulous and far-reaching as it sounds it is a book that needs to be read.

Part of my ongoing search for the meaning of life !!