Eternally Youthful


When I dress up as a Jester, Holy Fool, or Evil Cenobite. I represent something cosmic in ether and brilliance of humor, contemplation, or buffoonery!

I am the evil side of shadowy seduction as the succubus. I love it!

I become youthfully sparkled and my reflection is so.

I say to myself,

“Is that me in the mirror?”

For a short time, I wandered into the world of Never-Never land and my comrade is Peter Pan or Puck from a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

I may walk into the underworld where Pluto escorts me.

I am eternally youthfully and playful,

I love this.

If I could do this as a living and join the circus or a group of wandering bards,

I would!

Yes, I would…

But alas,

I take off my costume of creativity of cosmic proportions,

sliding into my bed in the wee morning,

I awake to the smell of coffee and…

my mortality!!


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