Sympathy for the ‘tongue tied’

Mr Shit from Flopside Comics
Mr. Dang he has dementia… but as an old punker we love him anyway?

While li’vin the world of a fu’kin paradox & absurdity,

fine foggy morn’in & gleam’ins of hope tease me,

Like’em carrot,

as’in horse-drawn carriage.

Bliss’in & hope heals the mind,

hearts yellow as them cars,

Cause the VW Bug is tell’in me so,

ha’rts beat’in bright beauti’ful en’gine.

(Flopside Comics. Absurd adult comics with toilet paper humor. Not for those without a nasty and stupid sense of humor.)

Mr Dang told me to post this song too cause it goes well with the theme of this post and writ’in challenge A manner of speaking... (I think he plays this song way ta’much !!)

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