A strange shot…

A strange shot...

Thankx Mom  & Dad (a rogue wave)

“Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
Guess I’ll go eat worms,
Long, thin, slimy ones; Short, fat, juicy ones,
Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy worms.”

This above picture is a strange shot, on a strange day in the strangest month … well smash July and August together. I consider them strange months, which I hate. Yet, throughout this strangeness I finally framed a watercolor of mine called the Wild Holly Hawk. Thanks go to my Mom and Dad who indirectly paid for the frame and a selection of art supplies also. Even though it took a great deal of energy and will to get in the car and drive to Aaron Brothers, I finally did it. Some nice sales in the store added to the strangeness of the day in a happy strange way too. A new frame. It was not a cheap one either. I also got another one for a penny. A magnetic frame for a cartoon; a selection from the Adventures of Mr. Fuck, who by the way is a very strange human being. Mr. Fuck and The Annoying Orange is the chosen selection.


If ya can’t have fun with your kids over silly words and expressions…ya might as well throw in the towel. ~ Mr. Shit

Meet the Flopside Family



Sympathy for the ‘tongue tied’

Mr Shit from Flopside Comics
Mr. Dang he has dementia… but as an old punker we love him anyway?

While li’vin the world of a fu’kin paradox & absurdity,

fine foggy morn’in & gleam’ins of hope tease me,

Like’em carrot,

as’in horse-drawn carriage.

Bliss’in & hope heals the mind,

hearts yellow as them cars,

Cause the VW Bug is tell’in me so,

ha’rts beat’in bright beauti’ful en’gine.

(Flopside Comics. Absurd adult comics with toilet paper humor. Not for those without a nasty and stupid sense of humor.)

Mr Dang told me to post this song too cause it goes well with the theme of this post and writ’in challenge A manner of speaking... (I think he plays this song way ta’much !!)