Oracle, teacher and advisory

The view from the window is always changing with bees, bumblebees, birds and squirrels. Praying mantis, cats and the mailman gaze in at me as I type away. A lunatic bag man is walking by screaming with the nihilistic dogs barking. I am almost hidden from the world. My cave has purple flowers and green vines which create an arbor from a tree before the opening of its mystery. My dream room must have a big window.

My table top is large and roomy. Papers, bills, cats and coffee have room to stretch.  Watercolor, Sharpie black pen, and manifesto all shine with an exuberance. Moments of intensity or laughter. Everything accessible is here for my creative impulse.  My dream room will have a big roomy table.

My often wordy crystal will be on my table.  Surrounded by technologies that are as foreign to me as my own involuntary body is. It works as an oracle, teacher and advisory. A continuous flow of thought waves that align into a device that is a friend who masks my handicaps. A world that reflects back to me of an unknown voice that seems to be known as mine. The computer screen is my blank canvas, my place of improvisation, expression and bliss.

Yes a computer will sit on my roomy table in my dream room with a view!!

I count my blessings because I have my dream room right now!! I am in the process of learning HTML making this experience ever more the remarkable. I like it!!

I think Mick Jagger would have done a great impression of Alex from A Clockwork Orange…


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