Two images that haunted me: Poser


He did not tell me how old he was but he is a Poser !!

I finally brought the images together. I am indulging my ego tonight. So often I see posts about getting rid of our egos. I don’t think we should. I don’t feel we should get rid of our egos or throw out our shadows! No guilt!!! Our rebellion somehow should linger into our maturity. (If we survive and don’t stay young forever by dying young ?!)  It is what we need as a foundation to what it is to be human. Tonight, two images are part of my need to hang on to a part of the beautiful youthful ego that is still in me somewhere. It is a fun image. I call it the praying mantis pose. It is very poser!

The second is an image of James Dean from the film Rebel Without A Cause. I just viewed the film again on TCM. It hit me again too, that poser-pose. I love it too. It got me thinking again about the image, that I have compared it to in my mind all these years.  It makes me think there is magic in all this. Some strange synchronicity that I am not aware of currently?? That is all. Mission complete!!

Hud 001 Hudley close to age 22. 1980s

Fullscreen capture 6192010 12909 PM James Dean age 22. 1950s

B3__tLpCQAAEFLr.png small (2) A William Blake Original doing the Praying Mantis Pose Poser..  Friends with Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and Thomas Paine

Mr. Dean listened to TCHAIKOVSKY .

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