Teaching Nature politics

At the museum
Youngest son at the Museum

Today I awoke with a lecture on my tongue. The kids are home on winter break. I am experiencing my normal winter blues. What came to mind was something a profession said to me years ago,

“Don’t take on someones else’s karma.”

He is a Jungian therapist and Buddhist priest. This is the basis of my lecture I gave to the kids today, including the cats. The normal stuff was happening in the house. Cats and fish were moving around in their environment, Oldest son is making breakfast. The sounds of sneezing attack the air. An open door to the outside garden brings in the sounds of a cold day. Even the squirrels perched on their branches outside are listening. They tease the cats. The light and the shadow moves the trees as the breeze tickles mysteriously by.

We are all light and shadow.

Imagine all of these qualities of life.

Apply them to everyone you know.

People cry. People smile.

We often have to stand up for what we think is right


We need to see the good things that are here.

Right now.

We all face love and death.

Pain and pleasure comes to visit often.

Most importantly I have learned,…

we need to step away and let others experience their own karma.

The kids are joking, musing, talking and listening… I think?  My kids always to me…but to the world…are now young men.



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