A wonder of a monster at Pierce College a few years ago … that is no longer there?

The word wonder as a verb or noun has a good feeling associated to it.

The adventure while taking walks in the fog brings to my mind smells of the earth. A wonder of this is one wonder I crave. Walks down wild hills and up hills as a youth, pepper trees and mighty eucalypts tress embraced me as a wonder-joy of being alive.

A winter day with a cold face as a door opens to the heat of a fire-place. The smell of cooking and the wonder of a good meal waiting for me.

I wonder upon the faces of my parents as they took care of me; a child like wonder of trust and love given.

Holding baby kittens a few days old. The warmth, cuteness and perfection of “Cat.” Many a day did I wonder and view a kitten, cat or tom give a perfect yoga bath to their body. A joy that fills many years of happy meditative wonder.

The wonder, the greatest, is the wonder of a stream or waterfall. This magic fills me with desires beyond the word… wonder.

In conclusion I hear the wonder of an Arthurian Knight (at least in my mind), Neil Diamond, singing a Beatles song !!