Bold and sweeping horror dreams are now gone.

To flourish with the same electrical sounds around us every day can become an adventure wrapped in strange amusing  memories.

Reggie and the large tuning fork !!

Such as today when I used the lady’s room at my favorite store. A large fan vibrated throughout the small tilted covered bathroom. The sound reminded me of a scene from the horror film Phantasm (1979).  In the film a youth named Mike Pearson finds a room in a mortuary where there are two large round metal polls. The room that contains the polls is bright. The polls vibrate and flourish relentlessly. A strange overwhelming loud pitched sound is heard. That is the same sound as in the lady’s room I visited today.

I once turned on our old dish washer every night.  It sounded like the Alien UFO Machines in the remake of War of the Worlds. Images of long legs, tripods, squirting blood and the horror stimulated my scary dreaming.  The sounds of the dish washer. Oh man,  were a constant reminder every night of War of the Worlds. The old dish washer did not flourish. Now our new dishwasher sounds fine. No more scary dreams…. too bad.

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