Second Winter Wonderland Poem, Saturn and Chiron and Beyond

Astronomical, astrological, metaphysical ~ trinity.  Saturn: Time, Philyra: Form and Chiron: Solar egg sack.

It seems that people
are talking about…

Saturn on steroids
since ascending
to the high land of his home.
As Capricorn alerts the master !

Chiron to take  on the power
A healing of this shadowy world …
much more beyond our knowing.

I am not worried
because of my years of
friendship with Saturn and Chiron

Education and evaluation
I am stimulated with wonder and energy.

Keeping myself grounded
becoming impassioned  with life.

Philyra or Phillyra (/ˈfɪlərə/: Ancient Greek: Φιλύρα means “linden-tree“) is the name of three distinct characters in Greek mythology. Philyra, an Oceanid and mother by Cronus of Chiron. Philyra, one of the names given to the wife of Nauplius, who was the father of Palamedes, Oiax and Nausimedon.