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10th Punkfilmfest Berlin

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Dear Hudley,


“TOO DRUNK TO WATCH” Punkfilmfest Berlin has updated the Judging Status of your submission Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine the Narrative Documentary / Film. to Selected.

In the belly of summer is not my favorite place to be. Yet a sparkle of accomplishment shines and I am happy for this acknowledgement.

I worked hard on telling the creation story of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. It holds a nutshell of honesty and how it was once. Fanzines helped the growing punk scene. The players who did it are just as important in the scheme of things.

A waiting game and it feels great. Berlin … wow.


A few years ago, I went to a local synagogue for an art event. An artist was giving a lecture on creation stories and art. I was amazed at the insight and reflection in his presentation, but it was how he finished his talk with our own personal creation story. He said,

“We can all render our own creation story as a painting, a poem… there are endless ways to tell a narrative of your life.”

I thought about my tenure as publisher, owner, editor of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. I was vague on the actual creation story for this fanzine.

Then it hit me hard to tell this narrative. So, I gathered the original staff, as many as could address the issue. X-8 declined which was sad to me for he was the actual creator of this fanzine. Al is not interested and seems he has fallen off the edge of the world. Pooch and Pete gave me a run around.

Al and I came up with a system that worked for us. You can ask someone once or twice to do something but never a third time…

“Just ain’t going to happen,”

We did it ourselves or someone else would jump in. That is how it was done.

This is how it was still done. Larry, Tory, and Mr. Tony were there to do it. Even Mike Ness was up for an interview. As we are old time buddies. Yet he did not pass the test… so I had to move forward.

I am very happy with what came forward with three honest great storytellers of the highest order in my mind. How grateful I am for a solid Los Angeles Flipside Creation Story.

I did a little research while in the process of achieving these interviews and how I presented them.

A little advice from my protagonist Michael Moore and even a tidbit from my nemesis the Rollins of Henry.

I read that Michael said you begin with what you have around you and Henry said, once in a documentary, that a lot of us did not keep or preserve our stuff and that upset him.

I started this narrative creation story with Michale’s advice, and I was happy to disappoint Henry with a positive to his negative. I have a lot of preserved stuff from my days as a fanatical fanzine journalist.


The details are not as important but I worked with Zoom, Adobe Premier Pro, and the many other little willy-nilly of doing it DIY and learning as you go.

As I say it not the best or the worst, creation narrative or Epeisodion yet it does tell a story…. Flipside Fanzine is all in the voice of a punk, band member or artist or the old dame sitting at the edge of the pub surfing her stool, like me!

Mission complete.

— with Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Narrative Documentary Film.

“TOO DRUNK TO WATCH” Punkfilmfest Berlin


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