Kundalini, Mother of Pearl.

Octopus (Octopus macropus).


While partaking on the journey into the underworld at the time of Crone, times are confusing and painfully depressing. Ya think? Today I found a friend that showed me some simple techniques of strength. It lives in the ocean. Deeply it wonders and lives there in the dark oceans. Symbolically linked to the Underworld and Cretan symbolism.

 “Because it lives in the depths and because of its sea-monster appearance, it is linked with the spirits of the underworld. However, where it is used as a motif in Cretan art, it carries a similar symbolism to that of the spiral and the spider’s web, themselves both emblematic of creation of the universe.”

pg. 286, The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols Fauna Adela Nozedar.



An early meditation outside led me to this image to get rid of my busy thinking mind. I was aligning my chakras straight from above down and then pulling the earth from below up. I then focused on my pelvis area on my body.

She came forth and I used her legs to whack busy thoughts that came forth like a paddle against ping-pong balls. I looked at my thoughts and whacked them away.

It was fun. Then the synchronicities started to happen; I knew it was time to investigate. I went looking through my books and found another interesting perspective.

Along with being associated with the underworld and the spiraling creative living universe she also is associated with the serpent known as the Kundalini.

 “She was also Kundalini, the inner female soul of man in serpent shape, coiled in the pelvis, induced through proper practice of yoga to uncoil and mount through the spinal chakra toward the head, bringing infinite wisdom.”

Serpent: page 903, The Women’s encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets: Barbara G. Walker