She was a little wild, a little guy crazy but innocent as the smell of Shalimar!?



Shalimar’s recognizable scent has captivated women and their admirers for almost a century now. The iconic love potion was created by blending lemony top notes and fragrant florals over a rich base of vanilla, patchouli, amber and musk. The result is an exotic scent cocktail that deepens into a powerfully sensual weapon, over hours of wear. (taken from Advertisement)

At 16 and at Christmas I was as thrilled and alive as any young woman. My gifts changed from toys and trivia to more serious and harder to please items. Of course Santa was long gone from my view.  The Christmas holiday became the usual routine of family, turkey and poker games later in the evening.

Now was the time of sneaking booze from the bar and smoking something a little more potent with teenage friends.

I wanted some Shalimar perfume. All my gifts were opened. No Shalimar perfume. I was filled with grief.

Then my dad disappeared for some time. We thought he went to get some food or more drinks. He came back with a gift…

It was a gift of Shalimar perfume.

I have written and told this story many times because the story still holds a heart punch for me.

My dad has the ability of being the worst of the worst but at times he could be very sweet.  When my dad makes his trek into the great beyond: which will be sooner than later! I know this will be one feeling we will share forever of a good deed done at Christmas time for his teenage girl.

I imagine as he greets his mother in that place of the great beyond, she too will be wearing the scent of  a rich base of vanilla, patchouli, amber and musk!!