15 years as a cowboy… if they lived.

I love watching Westerns. I have my favorite channels. All the actors that played the cowboy game through the many years is amazing. Yet in truth the American cowboy days were short. Fifteen years after the civil war through the building of the train industry and barbed wire.

The Spaniards and Mexicans were challenged by Native Indians and then the Europeans. Carelessly leaving their horses and cattle to be taken over and bred by these new propagated cowboys. It is a brutal history as well as a beautiful one as in the current film Painted Woman. A woman was a mother, whore or missionary. Nevertheless, the women are robust and hearty characters as in the film True Grit where a young girl outsmarts many a gun shooting cowboy and avenges her father’s death.

A decade and a half are a short time for towns and saloons to be alive for this massive movement of the wild days of traveling and roaming cowboys. Then barbed wire and the movement of cattle by way of the train into mass slaughterhouses. To roam the prairie was gone.

I love these films as I do Noir films. Adventure, mystery the good and the bad guys and always the femme fatale or saloon lady entertainers.

Moon Warning Mantis Style!!

Dark, deep and deliberate.

The call of the Holy Grail.

The last slap by the Femme Fatale of winter.

You can find yourself or your creative self or

long-lost love!!


Hear the pull a sucking sound? Feel the pull inward, a crazy fruitful feeling. This is a time of being pulled in. Blame it on the solar system. A time to get pregnant, a time to consider those feelings you have been ignoring. We are being seduced by forces stronger than we will ever know!!

The gibbous waning moon is in Scorpius today, February 24, and this is causing a really unbelievable maximizing sucking action. WOW! The moon is disrobing and is about to jump into the ocean of Neptune. A riptide pulls her in towards a new moon, towards Pisces on March 1st and the 2nd. Venus and Pluto are only enjoying this love affair with our unconscious mind…a good show!!

The sun comes in to break up the party and the moon steps out of her Lilith encounter. March and Spring are on the way after this inward journey.

So, prepare yourselves. If not, I suggest a lot of Maker’s Mark to kill the pain because this dame is going to ask you who you are, and if you don’t tell her, she will tell you, herself…up close too…pretty good work for a pushy dame!!