Ophiuchus and Luna


March 21st the waning moon is in the sign of Libra with Saturn dictating some ridiculous cosmic rules. Instead I am focused on the weekend, the 22 through the 24th of March. Here the moon will move from Scorpius into Sagittarius. Wait a minute don’t forget between these two signs, there is Ophiuchus also known as the unpopular 13th sign of the zodiac. He has come to my attention this weekend so I am giving him some time of day.

Mythology tells us he is a man holding on to a snake. He is also known as Serpentarius, the serpent bearer. He may be holding the Rod of Asclepius which is also known as the great Caduceus. All this comes to us from way back when, from those ancient Sumerian Gods. I read recently that astrophysics is based on the language of math and astrology on years of knowledge. We learn and listen to science and to the myths that blend from culture to culture, but no matter what theory or myth you may be studying it always moves on, off to another path or breaks off into the overwhelming cosmos altogether.

Regardless, this weekend may be very auspicious for us. The moon is turning her back to Saturn and listening to the whisperings of the mystic’s power. Good medicine and intuition will rule this weekend, as well as some marvelous time for healing.



Inanna and the Huluppu Tree

A film by Molly Axtmann

The Snake



Moon Warning Mantis Style!!

Dark, deep and deliberate.

The call of the Holy Grail.

The last slap by the Femme Fatale of winter.

You can find yourself or your creative self or

long-lost love!!


Hear the pull a sucking sound? Feel the pull inward, a crazy fruitful feeling. This is a time of being pulled in. Blame it on the solar system. A time to get pregnant, a time to consider those feelings you have been ignoring. We are being seduced by forces stronger than we will ever know!!

The gibbous waning moon is in Scorpius today, February 24, and this is causing a really unbelievable maximizing sucking action. WOW! The moon is disrobing and is about to jump into the ocean of Neptune. A riptide pulls her in towards a new moon, towards Pisces on March 1st and the 2nd. Venus and Pluto are only enjoying this love affair with our unconscious mind…a good show!!

The sun comes in to break up the party and the moon steps out of her Lilith encounter. March and Spring are on the way after this inward journey.

So, prepare yourselves. If not, I suggest a lot of Maker’s Mark to kill the pain because this dame is going to ask you who you are, and if you don’t tell her, she will tell you, herself…up close too…pretty good work for a pushy dame!!


‘De trop’, no way !!


KAREN: I guess at this point I am what the French call ‘de trop?’

BILL (smiles) Maybe just a little around the edges.

~ All About Eve,

Either you repeat the same conventional doctrines everybody is saying, or else you say something true, and it will sound like it is from Neptune. ~ Noam Chomsky

The sciences are a good thing. Rover on Mars looking back at the Earth is amazing. Yet reading Dante Alighieri’s biography I find that he studied liberal arts courses, 

“Which offered Latin, geometry, arithmetic, astronomy (actually astrology) and music was to be passionately attached all his life.” Pg. 11

During the Middle Ages science, art and music were not separate as they are today. With astrology, the planets affect us. Now I wonder how our Earth affects those on Mars or the other planets in our solar system?

My point being is that science is a very bare bones reality where all its theories are well supported, at least enough to go to other planets via technology.

I feel what makes Dante so special to me is that he is the perfect person who, at one time, brought together science, art, and music.  He is the perfected human being who shows us that having a soul is part of the human equation of being, and with an honest spirit humanity inspires to know all the stratosphere of human nature.

We are accountable for ourselves in a divine way. A highly creative solution to the problem of humanity!!! Humor included as Mr. Dante is no fool on this matter!!

Oldest son is just starting a physics course today at the local university. We often debate what is real and what is illusion, as two Gemini our Mercury fires up with heated dialogue.

And then there is Neptune. I love Neptune, the color and mystery of its round luminosity. I hear this week Mercury goes retrograde right into the belly of Neptune, astrologically speaking of course.

The week ahead is a time to feel. As Luna waxes strong into Valentine’s Day, it is a time of a kind of inner pregnancy of feelings; it may be a delightful time if we do not anally analyze too much.

I have decided to do the tango with Mercury, Luna, and Neptune this week…a threesome may be fun!! I will go with the flow, dance sweet and low and get it on the go.

Until next time … fin

The Life & Times of Dante by Curtis International / Portraits of Greatness.

All about Eve  http://www.dailyscript.com/scripts/all_about_eve.html


A little tango with George Raft !!

Day 11 of the Holy days of Chrstimas


Today is the last day of the divine hierarchies of the Holy Of Holies. I have focused on things that inspire me and synchronicities draw me to what pertains to a particular holy day. Today the focus is upon the hierarchy of Pisces. The body associated with this is our feet.

The Goddess Luna comes to mind today. I found an image of a wonderful earthy Luna. Notice how she places her feet upon the earth. The crescent moon is held in her right hand and a staff of power and authority in the other. A crab is below her to the left. This is the sign of Cancer, another watery creature as Pisces which is the symbol of two fish. This represents the earthy quality as well as the spiritual quality we all share.

What is special about Luna is that she symbolically represents where we place our heart in the things that we do, and the people we associate with. As well as how we manage compassion when dealing with those ugly parts of our life. Cancer and the moon hold the nadir of who we are. The hidden and often mysteries parts of our nature. Luna lights the way in these unknown places of darkness; as our internal flashlight.

So often we associate the moon and being loony as part of this dynamic. Our passions, creativity and genius can expand and get crazy at times, but if we hold our feet to the earth as goddess Luna does in the image abovr, we find our balance.

To keep our balance as in the crescent moon held in her right hand, and affirm our power as in the staff of authority in her left hand: we can then affirm these ancient gifts of antiquity. As our own gifts time after time and everyday.