Day 11 of the Holy days of Chrstimas

Today is the last day of the divine hierarchies of the Holy Of Holies. I have focused on things that inspire me and synchronicitly draw me to what pertains to a particular holy day. Today the focus is upon the hierarchy of Pisces. The body associated with this is our feet.

The Goddess Luna comes to mind today. I found an image of a wonderful earthy Luna. Notice how she places her feet upon the earth. The crescent moon is held in her right  hand and a staff of power and authority in the other.  A crab is below her to the left. This is the sign of Cancer another watery creature as Pisces which is the symbol of two fish. This represents the earthy quality as well as the spiritual quality we all share. What is special about Luna is that she symbolically represents where we place our heart in the things that we do, and the people we associated with. As well as how we handle compassion when dealing with those ugly parts of our life. Cancer and the moon hold the nadir of who we are. The hidden and often mysteries parts of our nature. Luna lights the way in these unknown places of darkness; as our internal flash light.  So often we associated the moon and being loony as part of this dynamic. Our passions, creativity and genius can expand and get crazy at times,  but if we hold our feet to the earth as goddess Luna does in the image below we find our balance.

To keep our balance as in the crescent moon held in her right hand, and affirm our power as in the staff of authority in her left hand: we can then affirm these ancient gifts of antiquity. As our own gifts time after time and everyday.


The fourth day of the Holy of Holies

Sun Flowers
Sun Flowers as the symbol of our opened solar plexus…

“Mysticism has its own dangers-from which the Hopis themselves have suffered acutely, as we shall see; and pragmatic Western science has bestowed immeasurable blessings upon all mankind. It is merely a matter of choosing different goals and the means of achieving them. The contrast of the two systems is mentioned here because this pathetically small and misunderstood minority group Hopis, are so strangely attuned to the precepts of another hemisphere rather than to the technological civilization engulfing them.”

~. Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters Pg. 27-28

The fourth day of the Holy of Holies is centered in our solar plexus. The Hierarchy is Cancer.

“Cancer with soul-soul as the reveler of truth” ~Pg. 12 Corinne Heline.

Hildegard of Bingen

Between our belly button and our heart lies the solar plexus and here is our intuitive soul. The feelings that make us so human; Hate to love abides here. This is how we compass who we are in a group or in the world and how we know who we are as an individual. To be unique and rebellious: to be intuitive and in tune to the world as an insect’s antenna or the cat’s whiskers.

The Serpent Mound near Louden, Ohio.

“The oval mound represents the village. It was placed within the jaws of the snake to show that it was protected by the snake’s power.” ~ Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters Pg.41.

Serpent Mound Map blog size

What a wonderful symbol as a protector of our solar plexus. We do need to consciously protect it. It may not be a tribe or village. Just us or our family. It is thinking about all those bad and good things we do to others everyday, as human beings on this earth. Globally, we need to sometimes turn off the technologies of our life. What are we feeling and how does this relate to the little world around us and within us?

Yet, taking 10 minutes a day to watch a honey bee collecting nectar might be all the green we need to forgive a friend that betrayed us. Maybe it is about taking the time to listen to our guts and do something different, like taking a walk on the wild side.

Frank Waters

“I believe in that Hopi life and teachings completely. They’re good people. They have a good religion. Doing that ‘Book of the Hopi’ taught me a lot. We’re a right-brain people, a rational thinking people, a rational mind; we figure things out. But the Hopis are a left-brain people. They go by intuition and that intuition is geared to the religious side of things. We’re geared to the materialistic side. They don’t have, as we do, a Sunday religion,” he said.

The first day of the Twelve Holy Days

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”
― William James

I awoke this morning with good feelings and hope in my heart. Son was asleep on the couch. I did my usual chores of the morning. I even lit the fire in our hearth. Was it the cool wind that inspired a book-friend to my mind? I opened the closet that holds dearly those books. Corinne Heline came to mind and that this was the first day and night of the Holy of Holies. The 12 days of Christmas. My religiosity is not bound to only the Christian story, yet it is dear to my heart and I feel the need to be part of it now.

As memories of importance hold my hand, I feel fresh and clean and inspired: the opposite of Christmas day. You see the last few years I have lost Mother, father and best friends. My siblings and I are selling the only enduring family home I have known. I was born and raised there. I feel as it my roots have been cut off. It is a sad but freeing experience. I am not alone in my experience. As an esoteric student and an academic student of religious studies I have come to the conclusion that all religions are based on vision, oral stories and then the text. For me as, William James, it is the experience that is the key to understanding the profound religious experience. Even if it is only the witnessing of the procession of the sun, moon, and the stars.

Though I have walked and studied with the scientific and even atheistic mind. I rest best with the spiritual creative mind instead. The Christian theologian and philosopher Pseudo Dionysius calls this Dionysianism, “The divination of the intelligence.”

Join me if you will or curse me. I have done both myself. I have been to the darkest parts of the mind and I have witnessed and experienced the best of the mind and profound things.

Each of the 12 days will focus on a part of the human body. An astrological sign, a quote and then a disciple/ apostle of Christ. I will include images as well. Whatever I am inspired to post. The motif will unfold naturally as the days unfold.

“You must henceforth be the moon. You must shine at night. By your shining you shall lighten the darkness for men until the sun rises again to light up all things for men” ~ Pg. 40 The Creative Pattern In Primitive Africa by Laurens van der Post.

December 26 2013

Esoterically speaking and based on the New Age Bible Interpretation Mystery Of The Christos by Corinne Heline. Vol. VII, the first day of the Holy of Holies focuses on the head of our physical body. The astrological sign is Aries.



Follow Your own star!
Dante Alighieri

“According to all sacred calendars Aries introduces the solar New Year. Therefore it is termed the sign of resurrected consciousness.” Pg. 9

Quote: Behold I make all things new. Rev. 21:5

James the Disciple of Christ.