Day 11 of the Holy days of Chrstimas


Today is the last day of the divine hierarchies of the Holy Of Holies. I have focused on things that inspire me and synchronicities draw me to what pertains to a particular holy day. Today the focus is upon the hierarchy of Pisces. The body associated with this is our feet.

The Goddess Luna comes to mind today. I found an image of a wonderful earthy Luna. Notice how she places her feet upon the earth. The crescent moon is held in her right hand and a staff of power and authority in the other. A crab is below her to the left. This is the sign of Cancer, another watery creature as Pisces which is the symbol of two fish. This represents the earthy quality as well as the spiritual quality we all share.

What is special about Luna is that she symbolically represents where we place our heart in the things that we do, and the people we associate with. As well as how we manage compassion when dealing with those ugly parts of our life. Cancer and the moon hold the nadir of who we are. The hidden and often mysteries parts of our nature. Luna lights the way in these unknown places of darkness; as our internal flashlight.

So often we associate the moon and being loony as part of this dynamic. Our passions, creativity and genius can expand and get crazy at times, but if we hold our feet to the earth as goddess Luna does in the image abovr, we find our balance.

To keep our balance as in the crescent moon held in her right hand, and affirm our power as in the staff of authority in her left hand: we can then affirm these ancient gifts of antiquity. As our own gifts time after time and everyday.

A toast: The call to enlightened foresight…

There are so many things to be fucking thankful for today such as a good pint at the local community pub, watching my kid developing his own drawing style with graphite pencils and knowing that husband is making double time and a half working turkey day. Yes he will come home to a homemade turkey dinner. When communities work together as a whole; this is the best gift that we can give each other. I am thankful for this. To expand out to see the world and see that there are still wild places beyond the touch and control of humanity is not as promising. I am connected to the earth in a profound way as most aboriginal and nature loving communities are. We participate in this knowing. Corporate globalization, economic royalists have none of this. They betray themselves in their madness for wealth which only reflects eventually their own doom… but there is a hopeful dream for their enlightenment as well…

“the chance that they might see”

and hopefully so…

I make a toast to the Economic Global Royalists; though they sell their souls for profit, abuse the land and create slavery around the world… there still is the hope that they may come around and see the truth…somehow with a blink of the eye they may find compassion, strength and honesty and say….

“The world is my country, to do good is my religion” ~Thomas Paine