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Deaths occur that take on broad eerie symbolism in the collective pages of social history – think about the passing of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison in 1970 and 1971, or of Kurt Cobain in 1994. Or remember the Kent State massacre? Or the beginning of the murder spree of that iconic dark-Scorpio figure, Jack the Ripper.
All those deaths occurred with Jupiter in the sign of the Scorpio.
Steven Forrest, Jupiter Enters Scorpio October 10, 2017

How many of us have been directly inspired by these musical geniuses: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain? I know I have as well as saddened by their deaths. The mystery of losing them at the peak of their youthful talent. Their music plays on.

I know why I am pulled in their direction because I have Jupiter in the 12th house in the sign of Libra.  My birth chart is playing with me now. Telling me why I like mysteries, rebels, and depth psychology. I have viewed my own Doppelganger and such music as theirs, made me more aware of the collective Doppelganger! Jung teaches us that one can go to the underworld of shadows and join in the collective unconscious but to stay there as an artist is a mistake. If not for Carl Jung, William Blake and James Hillman I may have not made it into the 1990s. So very grateful for their help and wisdom. Also, their knowledge of myths that they share are fun and life changing. Grand teachers.

I think the above quote and the article Jupiter Enters Scorpio October 10, 2017 by Steven Forest is just what I needed and so I am writing about it and sharing it here for others. Also, I am sharing my renderings of ancient images of the moon and sun.

In times of chaos we only need to go within to seek the light! It is ironic but that is where we can find the sun and the moon. The light that crescendos and ascending takes us out of the too much darkness that we sometimes face.

Happy first day of October…

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Continuously she pours into the cup.

The cats are hogging in front of the monitor. I look out the crack of my window. There are the waxing gibbous moon and Venus. Venus and her holy grail. What is she pouring in her bright light tonight?

Some of the houses have lost their Christmas glow. Not ours. We still have the spiraling light moving around the front door. I still wonder what Venus is pouring in her bright cup tonight?

A very quiet night tonight. Maybe I will attend and old buddies music show? Maybe I will watch a film. I already took a walk. Shall I eat the seasoned sweet potatoes with honey,  olive oil and hot sauce? Venus can I see what you are pouring into the crescent moon this evening ?

I started out indifferent this morning. Why can’t I feel anything about this new year? Now I feel something in my belly. It is starting to grow. A slow swing ride.  Excitement and hope, shall I create some art with my hope and excitement? Where are my water colors, ink, erasers and pencil. Cats, please get out of my way, I can not see what I am typing. How many others are wondering about Venus and the Moon tonight?  How gracefully she holds her grail this night. What magic does Venus pour?


Ophiuchus and Luna


March 21st the waning moon is in the sign of Libra with Saturn dictating some ridiculous cosmic rules. Instead I am focused on the weekend, the 22 through the 24th of March. Here the moon will move from Scorpius into Sagittarius. Wait a minute don’t forget between these two signs, there is Ophiuchus also known as the unpopular 13th sign of the zodiac. He has come to my attention this weekend so I am giving him some time of day.

Mythology tells us he is a man holding on to a snake. He is also known as Serpentarius, the serpent bearer. He may be holding the Rod of Asclepius which is also known as the great Caduceus. All this comes to us from way back when, from those ancient Sumerian Gods. I read recently that astrophysics is based on the language of math and astrology on years of knowledge. We learn and listen to science and to the myths that blend from culture to culture, but no matter what theory or myth you may be studying it always moves on, off to another path or breaks off into the overwhelming cosmos altogether.

Regardless, this weekend may be very auspicious for us. The moon is turning her back to Saturn and listening to the whisperings of the mystic’s power. Good medicine and intuition will rule this weekend, as well as some marvelous time for healing.



Inanna and the Huluppu Tree

A film by Molly Axtmann

The Snake