Ophiuchus’s Song

“Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets its Wings”

I woke up with a treat this morning. I set the cell phone alarm for 7:30 AM. Time to get youngest son up for school. This morning I found someone rumbling at the front door. I was surprised to find that it was oldest son. He had some Jack’s breakfast burritos. He got me a coffee and a grilled breakfast sandwich because I am on a low cholesterol diet.

Mine is a rebellious campaign against free radicals and hydrogenated oils. Scum of the earth I declare!!

Today was my Dad’s birthday. A Sagittarius to some Ophiuchus to others. As I stood in my computer room, having a window facing the west, I heard the front doorbell ring. I walked to the door and called out,

“Hello, who’s there?”

No one answered. I looked out the window and there was no one there. I opened the door, and no one was there. No packages on the ground or UPS truck racing away at a 100 miles per hour. Not a laughing child playing ding-dong-ditch.

It was cold outside with only the sound of a few crows barking with the dogs.

I am thinking about my Dad in the best way possible today. All those special little things he did just for me are good to think about. He was a great storyteller. When I grew up and out of the house my dad told me that late at night, he would get up hearing a sound outside his bedroom widow of someone calling his name. He thought it was me asking him to get up and out of bed to open the front door and let me in. In my wild teenager years, I would often not come home until 3 AM.

Dad created the best fires in the family hearth. My parent’s original fireplace opened on two sides. On a day like today when the chilly air makes your face cold: my best memories are of coming into the house after a hard day of playing. The warmth of the fire and the smell of my mother’s kitchen are comforting thoughts today as I think of my Dad’s love on his once happy birthday.



I am not a big Foreigner fan… at all… but this song has haunted me since it first came out…1984…. Ophiuchus in mythological stories is the serpent healer.

An ancient and archaic image of wisdom and knowledge. Associated with Hermes Transmigrates.

A time of great healing is possible. A time of Orbs in the sky and saviors being born. The shadow shows its face and the ancient battle of light and darkness continues outside of us and within us.

Ophiuchus and Luna


March 21st the waning moon is in the sign of Libra with Saturn dictating some ridiculous cosmic rules. Instead I am focused on the weekend, the 22 through the 24th of March. Here the moon will move from Scorpius into Sagittarius.

Wait a minute don’t forget between these two signs, there is Ophiuchus also known as the unpopular 13th sign of the zodiac. He has come to my attention this weekend so I am giving him some time of day.

Mythology tells us he is a man holding on to a snake. He is also known as Serpentarius, the serpent bearer. He may be holding the Rod of Asclepius which is also known as the great Caduceus. All this comes to us from way back when, from those ancient Sumerian Gods.

I read recently that astrophysics is based on the language of math and astrology on years of knowledge. We learn and listen to science and to the myths that blend from culture to culture, but no matter what theory or myth you may be studying it always moves on, off to another path or breaks off into the overwhelming cosmos altogether.

Regardless, this weekend may be very auspicious for us. The moon is turning her back to Saturn and listening to the whispering of the mystic’s power. Good medicine and intuition will rule this weekend, as well as some marvelous time for healing.


Inanna and the Huluppu Tree

A film by Molly Axtmann

The Snake

The Snake