Generational Differences

Punk Rock Colleague & Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside


I know that Punk Rock is supposed to hate hippies.

Joe Strummer pissed on The Beatles, but he was once a hippie before he merged into a street punk as well as our friend Tim Yohannan from the ongoing Maximumrocknroll

I grew up living and experiencing the ‘sixties. I have one older brother who seemed, at one strange time, to be a flower child. Pot unites both. Yet I must say my heart and soul resonate to the punk scene with lots of jazz on the side.

I have often thought that John Fogerty and Colin Abrahall have similar strong singing voices. They hit me the same way with generational differences of course.

Also, Eric Burdon and Keith Morris both have that deep singing tone, of continuity and rebellious style, which turns my blood to a boiling point.

Me like!