Song Steps Peace Bird

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We live in “the best of times and the worst of times.” Darkness and light play a game upon us all. Terrorists initiate fear in us all. It is a time to focus on what is enduring in life as the planets, the stars and Spring. The changing of the season is remarkable, accurate and even mathematically perfected. Humor, poems, and music move us to be less hateful and to show empathy proudly. As the wind blows on a warm Spring Day take the time to see the ritual of life.

Today I am thinking about Bernie Sanders and a little peace bird, a synchronicity, which can lead our footsteps towards a tickling of heartfelt humor and baskets of embracing hope. We need to follow our footsteps of synchronicity,

I authored this poem for my father years ago. It is about birds. Not human footsteps but the continuity of singing bird steps.

    A bird song…

Today I heard the sound of a singing bird.

What type of bird I do not know?

A sparrow or maybe a blue bird sings

This lovely song of summer and spring.

I’ve heard this singing many times before

As an infant I heard the singing near

My parent’s pool

As a child I also heard the singing

While sliding down a grassy hill.

Now as an adult of forty

I remember all the times I’ve heard the singing

The same song but from different birds

This lovely song of summer and spring.

In California I’ve heard

Their tunes hundreds of times

I’ve changed so much since

The first time I heard the birds singing ‘tell now,

I assume I will hear the same song

A hundred times more,

Until I grow very old.

I think of the song

Of the singing birds

Of all the birds who have sung the song

So many birds, singing the same tune.

I wonder and I’m comforted

Listening to the tunes of the singing birds

It is the ‘ever living song

This lovely song of summer and spring.

For some day when I pass on

As the many birds, who have sung their songs

My children and grandchildren

And great-grandchildren

Will hear the same song,

Hopefully linking us together,

As the same song links

The sweet birds together.

The singing from the sky

The trees bringing us all together

The song will not have changed one note

This lovely song of summer and spring.

~ Holly Cornell May 23, 1993


Quote above reflective of A Tale of Two Cities – Wikiquote