Surf’s UP!

I listened to the Beach Boys a lot in the 70’s mostly because my older siblings had their  LPs  around the house and later cause one of my first  boy friends played them. Surfin’ Safari and Shut Down Volume 2.  I experienced their music when I would ditch-school to go to the beach in “Thelma Lu Mosbacker”, the name of my friends light blue station wagon. My first dance and make-out session was to the sound of the Beach Boys. Surf’s Up   Then there was the stupid music essay on songs for english class, “Little Surfer” was the song I played in class. I was humiliated and after that all the guys thought I would score-four with them. I am going to get the new Beach Boy LP That’s Why God Made the Radio  just because they are part of my generation. and once I tried real hard to be a surfer girl… got a D+.. but I tried!! Oh ya, my now x-sister In Law was the girl that the Beach Boys sang about in Fun, Fun, Fun.. !! She is the real Surfer girl…!!

To Lynn Lucero… i wish you loved us more and your addiction less… RIP this song is for you!!

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