All about a song V Goofy Foot !!

A very silly post but true.

It is hard to believe youngest son will be entering High School next August. High School was a crazy and sleepy time for me. I know it will be much better for him. The dumbest thing I ever did then was for an English class. We were studying lyrics. 1974 was a turning point for music. I spent a lot of time listening to my siblings LPs lying around such as Cream,  Donovan, the Seeds, the Beatles and the Beach Boys. I did not have a car yet, and I couldn’t get around much. My friends and I would go to the beach when we could during the summer. I was not a surfer girl but I often dreamed of being one just like Gidget. We watched the reruns! I was two years old when she hit the big screen. My friends and I thought she was cool, independent and got to hang out with some very cute guys. This is why at 16 I fell in love with the Beach Boys; if only their voices.
In class we were required to pick a song and write about the lyrics. We brought the vinyl record to class and it was played before the class on the English/drama sound system. I played “Surfer Girl.” I don’t think many of the students knew the song. It was not played much on the radio at the time. Unless the other students had older siblings like I did. It was a different generational type of song. It seemed like a good idea at the time,

wrong.!!! After the song played several guys mocked a silent, “Score Four” to me with their nasty teenager mouths. It was humiliating.

Now I look back and see a very sweet, vulnerable hearted, young woman. It was ok. I did influence my friends to buy old Beach Boy LPs. In the San Fernando Valley where the Beach Boys became girly hip songs to play at local pot parties of the mid-70s, . It was not as popular as progressive, or underground 70s rock. To us innocent girls it was better and much more romantic!

We were very enthusiastic about The Beach Boys !!

Surf’s UP!

I listened to the Beach Boys a lot in the 70’s mostly because my older siblings had their  LPs  around the house and later cause one of my first  boy friends played them. Surfin’ Safari and Shut Down Volume 2.  I experienced their music when I would ditch-school to go to the beach in “Thelma Lu Mosbacker”, the name of my friends light blue station wagon. My first dance and make-out session was to the sound of the Beach Boys. Surf’s Up   Then there was the stupid music essay on songs for english class, “Little Surfer” was the song I played in class. I was humiliated and after that all the guys thought I would score-four with them. I am going to get the new Beach Boy LP That’s Why God Made the Radio  just because they are part of my generation. and once I tried real hard to be a surfer girl… got a D+.. but I tried!! Oh ya, my now x-sister In Law was the girl that the Beach Boys sang about in Fun, Fun, Fun.. !! She is the real Surfer girl…!!

To Lynn Lucero… i wish you loved us more and your addiction less… RIP this song is for you!!